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I intend to provide a secure but also challenging space for exploring the different difficulties a person might be facing. I see myself as a facilitator for helping the client find her/his unique resources and solutions to confront suffering. When necessary, and when agreed by both the client and myself, I also work with a psychiatrist that provides a more medical view to the situation. 

My approach is influenced by Carl Gustav Jung's analytical psychology. Hence dream interpretation, fantasy, artistic expressions and the irrational world are important aspects that I try to consider each time I am in front of a client.

Having said that, difficulties in personal relationships, including partners, family, friends and colleagues is something that encounter on a regular basis. Exploring questions about job dissatisfaction and vocation is something that I consider as a very important part of my work as this can enable personal development. But also feelings of low self-esteem, self-criticism, anxiety and depression, sometimes severe, is something that I deal and help with on a regular basis.

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